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 Gold Coast Schoolies



Schoolies on the Gold Coast is a phrase that is to describe the end of year party for school goers that are ending their final year of school. It has become more popular each year and much better organised, therefore a lot safer for those that attend. Schoolies started mostly for Queensland students but now has become popular for school goers from all around Australia.

To attend schoolies week you must have a valid ID which is proof of a Year 12 student photo ID to take advantage of the free activities and safety responses being offered. So basically: No valid ID = No official Schoolies wristband = No access. No exceptions!.

Schoolies 2012 Dates:
Week 1: 17 Nov - 24 Nov - QLD - (Gold Coast)
Week 2: 24 Nov - 01 Dec - NSW and Vic
Week 3: 01 Dec - 08 Dec - NSW and Vic

The free entertainment is run by a professional organisation that opens most nights from 7pm-midnight. The official Schoolies wristband will give access to free buses each night for safe transportation between the major hotels from Main Beach to Broadbeach

Recharge Zones are areas spread out around the Schoolies Hub that provide a safe place to keep hydrated with free water, places to recuperate and generally receive support or can be used as a meeting point if you lose a friend.

Schoolies Support Team Volunteers are there to assist in anyway needed for people attending Schoolies on the Gold Coast. They wear bright coloured vests, also there are the Red Frogs crew who provide practical support and advice, assist with directions, referrals to other support services and provide assistance to walk you home if you feel unsafe.

Police, emergency services, security guards and officials will maintain a highly visible presence during Schoolies, providing the community and visitors with additional support and assistance.


Getting your official Schoolies wristband

Schoolies wishing to gain access to the free Schoolies Hub will need an official Schoolies wristband which will be distributed on proof of your Year 12 student photo ID.

Schoolies can collect an official Schoolies wristband from the Wristband Distribution Centre located in Neal Shannon Park next to the Wheel of Surfers Paradise.

The Wristband Distribution Centre will be open:

Please note that removing or sharing a wristband will make it invalid and you are urged to keep your wristband on for the duration of your stay on the Gold Coast.

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