While you’re beginning to consider having turkey during the fall season, your shrubs and lawn outdoors are also expecting to have their last major meal this time of year. This matter is all about fertilizers and performing this could aid in guaranteeing that your lawn will get the right root development for the following spring. Here are some of the reasons why root development is vital in your lawn: 

Recovery due to summer stress 

Though lawns appear to be at their greatest state during springtime, the summer season is definitely the harshest season on grass. The stressors caused by the summertime bouts of low or no precipitation or high heat. 

Nutrient storage 

Your lawn’s backbone is definitely the roots. A healthy lawn would be challenging to maintain during the summer and hot seasons without strong roots. To fertilize your lawn during the fall season provides it an increase of essential nutrients that can aid in preparing the grass while it prepares to switch into its dormant state during the winter seasons. If you can, you just need to rake and/or mow your lawn before you apply fertilizer. Make sure that you select a granular product for it to reach within the soil, either way, make sure that the leaf cover is not extremely heavy. 

Water resiliency 

Due to winter’s ice, snow, and freezing temperatures, it is also not easy on grass. Though the grass is recognized as one of the resilient plants, autumn fertilizers can aid to make it even better and stronger to withstand all of the extreme winter conditions that you’re used to within your area. 

Head Start of Spring Season 

Once the winter moves away, it is proven that the application of fertilizer during autumn will pay off and your lawn will thank you for this. The boosted strength will assist the shrubs to develop greener, fuller, and faster as soon as spring arrives. Also, if your lawn is lusher, it will deflect more weeds, which can make your chores for your lawn care a lot simpler to complete. 

To keep you on your toes 

When it comes to law tasks, loving your yard is definitely a year-round affair. It is vital to fertilize during fall, however, it is only one of the several chores that you must do during the 4 different seasons. In terms of your lawn, there’s always something you can do. 

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